Our Story

Hi, my name is Susan and with my family we are getSHIRTIE.  A brief history;  I started my tailoring journey in Savile Row way back in 1990 and have been involved with tailoring ever since.  Tailoring is in my blood having inherited the skills from my Grandmother with whom I have fond memories of sitting alongside her at the sewing machine in her flat in London.  To this day I still have a rag doll that she made for me wearing a beautiful burnt orange dress with lace trimming.  She even made the shoes!

Shirts are my passion as I love the way the Egyptian cotton feels against my skin. Being petite and only 5’1” I have always found it difficult to find clothes to fit, especially tailored shirts.  I am very pleased to say that I now have plenty in my wardrobe in all different colours and designs to choose from.  My husband and son are both involved with getSHIRTIE meaning we truly are a family run business. We often get great comments when we are out together wearing our shirts. 

Many years ago I was introduced to a wonderful Swiss family.  They also had a family business handed down from father to son.  This Swiss family are now our partners and were the inspiration behind our UK business as they have been producing luxurious shirts since 1949. As we all know the Swiss only produce the best and have one of the highest standards in the world.  They also produce great watches!!  So why would we work with anyone else? 

Our aim here at getSHIRTIE is to allow everybody the chance to design and style their very own unique shirt at an affordable price.  Never before has this level of choice been available.  For those of you that are local to the Medway Towns I am more than happy to arrange a consultation to go through the fabrics and measuring process with you.  For wedding party’s we are happy to accommodate children to match the Groom and Ushers as our patterns start aged 3 years.  If it’s not on the website, just ask, we can do almost anything.  So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead go and getSHIRTIE!!!!! 

I thought I'd buy just the one shirt, in six months I seem to have bought twenty four!

Colin, Maidstone