How do I take my own measurements?

First you choose your ‘off the peg’ size this will automatically populate the rest of the measurements accordingly, from there you then have several options to adapt and customise your own sized shirt. Some adjustments are available online but there are limitations.  You may have to increase/decrease the collar size to accommodate your measurements.  The body mesurements are shown in cm's.  To convert into inches divide the cm's by 2.54.  example 100cm divided by 2.54 = 39.5inches.

  • Collar - If you do not know your collar size you can easily measure an existing shirt.  Lay the collar flat and measure from one side to the other from the button to the middle of the buttonhole. 
  • Sleeve - Measure from the bottom of your sleeve to the very top where it meets the shoulder seam.

All measurements on the website you see are classed as finished measurements.  Your actual body measurements are not what the finished shirt will be otherwise it would fit you like a wet suit.  This is why when you enter your off the peg size it shows you the measurement with the allowance to fit your body.  An easy way to find out the finished measurements of an existing shirt is to lay it flat, button it up and measure from one armpit to the other across the chest and this will give you the finished chest measurement.  The same applies for the waist and hips of a shirt.  If you are unsure or nervous about this section…just drop me a line sales@getShirtie.co.uk and let me help!  If you are not a standard shape/size we do offer a bespoke service, however this means you will need to be measured by your tailor (or me) and you will need to contact me for prices etc.

Is there any extra charge to any of the options such as Contrasts/Monogram’s?

Monograms are only available on the Bespoke shirts only and not standard sizes.

What’s the delivery time?

All our shirts are delivered by courier within 4-5 weeks…there is an express option for a 3-4 week turn around at an extra charge!

What are the shirts made from? Why is this so good?

Egyptian cottons is superior to regular cotton firstly as it is stronger. A stronger cotton is a major benefit as not only will this fabric last longer it is also light in weight and breathes well against the body.

The hand or feel of the shirts created from Egyptian grown cotton will be a bit harder than other cottons when the fabric is new. However, with every single wash the cotton sheets from Egyptian fibres become softer and softer. Like a fine wine, age improves the Egyptian fibre cotton and, unlike many products, you will prize your Egyptian fibre shirts of cotton more and more as they age and become softer.

Another major benefit is that all cotton grown in the Egyptian fields will also produce less lint and therefore will not pill after repeated washings as some materials can do. At one time, the only way to obtain Egyptian fibre cotton sheets was to shop in high-end expensive stores…not anymore!

How do I wash my new shirts…?

A normal 40 degree wash will bring them up a treat! However do not be tempted to use the tumble dryer, please hang to dry on your normal shirt hangers before ironing!

I wish to enquire about using your products for uniforms, is this possible?

Oh yes a very smart idea, please contact us with your ideas at sales@getShirtie.co.uk for more information!

What is your returns policy?

All shirts are individually produced to your specification therefore we do not accept any returns, unless faulty.

Please make sure you choose and double check your order before making payment as once payment has gone through, patterns will be created and the fabric cut . 

Can I view this on my Apple products?

Of course…we do not use Flash player so why not go back to some of your designs whilst on the way home tonight on the train…see what other combinations you can come up with and make sure you share them, I love to see what combinations you come up with!

Where are my shirts made?

We work with a family run company based in Switzerland, they have been making shirts since 1949. It was a husband and wife team which produced the first made to measure shirts, and now the son has taken over…with some more modern additions using the latest CAD technologies available. 

They stand for Service and Personal advice, quite the stylish combination!

Can I save my design if I don’t have time to complete it today?

Absolutely, once you sign up you can design as many as you want and keep them in your own ‘scrap book’ file ready to complete at a later date…essential for experimental designers!

Will my shirt shrink in the wash?

All brand new unwashed cotton garments shrink in the wash, although you will never get more than 1cm shrinkage on your shirt, something to bear in mind however you will almost never notice this natural result. 

Do you deliver worldwide?

At the moment we only deliver to UK mainland, however if this is something you wish to enquire about please feel free to drop me an email with more specific details so I can get you a specific cost.


What’s the fit / style of the shirts as standard?

We offer 3 blocks.  Slim, regular and easy fit.  Depending on the measurements you enter, this will determine which size/block you are.

The slim block the main difference is that the cut of the arm hole is smaller. As standard all shirts come with removable collar bones, a small additional button is included on the cuff (forearm) and a split yoke is also always included. 

On all our ladies shirts there are darts on the front and back of the shirts as standard and as a result no split yoke, and a small additional button is also included on the cuff (forearm).  The slim fit has close button spacing as in the diagram, the regular has normal button spacing.